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COMUNE: Spring // Summer Two Thousand and Eleven

Here is a teaser that I just received from COMUNE: the Spring//Summer Two Thousand and Eleven Collection:


COMUNE was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible in skateboarding, fashion, art, and music their own way, with complete disregard of the consequences.


Our goal is to provide clothing that reflects this lifestyle of carefree idealism and to support the people that choose to live it.


Spring // Summer Two Thousand and Eleven is a collection focused on classic, easy to wear warm weather silhouettes meshed with tri-picked o oxford, yarn-dyed plaid corduroy, oil coated cotton (for those Spring rainy days), and brushed denim. Key styles like the Alton Woven, Ben Fleece, Kelly Denim, and Diego Jacket show this combination of design elements perfectly.

Text, photo & slideshow 2016 s/s collection Copyright COMUNE.

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