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digdeep with a Challenge!

If you love the thrill of a trial rider, the dare-devil stunts of a street rider, then—digdeep!

UK street- and trial rider, Danny MacAskill, who has been taking the cyclist scene by storm, has just become the ambassador and brand icon for digdeep—the urban streetwear label of Britain.
Danny MacAskill originally hails from the Isle of Skye, where he began biking at the age of 4.
Working in a bike shop of Edinburgh, Danny spent the past 12 years practicing his street skills, becoming the most famous street cyclist and brand ambassador of digdeep.
Overcoming immense odds and obstacles, Danny is never afraid to dig deeper!
“All I think about, night and day, is looking for a spot to ride, I am thrilled to be working with a brand like digdeep that is all about giving 100% and that anything is achievable’’ exclaims Danny.
Danny’s skills perfectly portray the brand and image of digdeep, which is designed for the man that accepts a challenge, going beyond 100% and trekking that extra mile.

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digdeep with a Challenge! {UK fashion designers}