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Doosh—Spring/Summer 2016-11 in New Zealand: “Wild at Heart”

To celebrate a rebirth of the Doosh label, their summer collection, “Wild at Heart,” explores youthful rebellion and romance from decades past.

Every item needed to create a complete wardrobe is in the range, including Dirty...tees, tops, and knits alongside hard wearing denim and drill jeans, pants and shorts of every length.

Colours include vibrant hot pink, sassy cobalt blue, sensual midnight and sweet sunshine yellow—perfect for engaging in adventures both extreme and demure.

Guys gear is grittier than collections past, taking a direction with separates that is fashion forward and yet fierce, masculine and enduring.

The collection embodies everything the new Doosh is: paradoxical, iconoclastic, hedonistic, with enough nostalgia to evoke rebellion and the fickleness of youth—for anyone truly Wild at Heart.

New Zealand 2016-11 Spring/Summer Series:

(Remember, your winter may be Kiwi summer!)
Elusiv—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Spirit”
Rembrandt—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Goldeneye”
Trix & Dandy —Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Dazed but Not Confused”
Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging”
21 Grams—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Sicker than your Average Bear”
Silverdale—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand Photos 2016-11 s/s collection “Wild at Heart” Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright Doosh.


Doosh—Spring/Summer 2016-11 in New Zealand: “Wild at Heart” {Theresa Brady}