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Drinking as a Team with Lagom at Temporary Showroom

The brand Lagom stands for sophisticated street fashion: explorative silhouettes marked by deconstructive minimalism with pattern-rich details in unique forms.

Lagom was founded in Stockholm 2007 by Nette Sandström and Daniel Adams-Ray.

When the Vikings took time off from burning and pillaging, they used to gather around the campfire to down a horn of mead.

Though their thirst was great after all their exertions, it became a matter of honor for each warrior to ration his intake, so that the horn didn’t run dry before everyone had a swig.

In other words, one had to drink team-wise or “laget om,” which later was shortened to “lagom.”

Text & photo 2016 a/w collection, Courtesy Temporary Showroom, Copyright Lagom.