Marika Barbie + Yui Hashimoto

Ethosens “COVER OF LIFE/What wraps you?’

Yui Hashimoto is a Japanese designer that is deep in creative thought.

For autumn/winter 2016, Yui has created a collection for his label Ethosens, drawing from the images of giving life through natural birth from the mother’s body.

He defines the collection as “space wrapped with ultimate safety.”

Yui goes on to say, “Humans are mysterious, sensitive and irreplaceable. For this reason, we took the meaning that wearing clothes is not only for the body but also for the spirit, creating the collection under the theme of COVER OF LIFE/What wraps you?”

His closing words are food for thought: “People are vulnerable and live by wrapping with something. It may be love, emptiness, or fence.”

Photo & slideshow 2016 a/w collection Copyright Ethosens.

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