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“Evolutionized” by Frost Birgens at Temporary Showroom

Be invited into the unique universe of Jacob Birgens with his 2016 autumn/winter collection, where he breaks with today’s excessive consumption and “one-season wonders”.

Like a beautiful piece of music, Frost Birgens’ autumn/winter 2016 will grow on you and give you an experience beyond just clothes. Quality over quantity will always prevail at Frost Birgens.

The collection broadens the horizon on knits. They vary from soft cotton to delicate merino, couching warm angora and first quality lamb. The knit designs ponder classic cardigans; they play with patterns and they dare the knitted pants. Twill, velvet, raw canva, and suede make the look of the shirts and chinos appealing to the working man, as well as the impeccable gentleman wanting to stand out.

Layer upon layer is a general theme this time. The clothes underneath are accentuated. This is seen amongst others with ’adders’ and ’Olav’ knit, both cardigans of warm sturdy lamb’s wool, as well as ‘Jens Jacket’ inspired by soldiers coats.

This autumn/winter 2016 collection puts Frost Birgens at the forefront of a new era. An era where focus on prejudice is left for what you can create yourself and together.

Danish born Jakob Birgens started Frost Birgens with the first collection in 2007. Today, Frost Birgens is a creative and inspiring company co-owned by Simon Hepworth and Christian Kjaer.

Characterized by subtle functional details, Frost Birgens mixes styles from past and present in an informal and playful way, balancing the familiar with the astounding.

Frost Birgens takes a classic, familiar blazer with slit and elbow patches and designs it into knitwear of the highest quality.

Functionality like pants with belt function and large, practical chest pockets on shirts, knitwear, tees, and jackets are also a typical characteristic of Frost Birgens. The relaxed look and the subtle details like extra-large shirt buttons and vertical paspel pockets make Frost Birgens a unique and exciting acquaintance.

Text & photo 2016 a/w collection, Courtesy Temporary Showroom, Copyright Jacob Birgens.


“Evolutionized” by Frost Birgens at Temporary Showroom {Temporary Showroom}