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Independence Day at Durkl

To many, Independence Day is a science fiction film from 1996 about an alien invasion of the Earth, starring Will Smith.
Thank goodness, to most people around the globe Independence Day is a commemoration of a country’s freedom to statehood, which is celebrated by fireworks, parades, ceremonies, and other festivities.
Countries around the world celebrate their Independence Day at different times and in various ways; but to each country, the anniversary is a patriotic event.
It is great when menswear labels take their place in the celebrations!
On July 4th, the Washington DC-based label DURKL is partnering with local skate boutique Palace5ive, setting off a “Bang It Out” collaboration.
Produced in the USA, the collaboration consists of a red, white, and blue snapback hat and a tee shirt, complete with fireworks graphics and “Bang It Out” text.
The hat and tee are limited to 50 pieces each.
The hat and tee shirt will both be available at Palace5ive and online at Durkl.

DURKL x PALACE 5IVE from Bobby Spero on Vimeo.

Photos Copyright Durkl.

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