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Johnny Love 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection

Johnny Love is a Norwegian label that combines classic fashion with classic streetwear into a marriage of sporty comfortable garments.

The brand draws particular inspiration from Mods, architecture, and retro-futurism, while textiles are sourced from top quality Italian manufacturers.

Here is what Johnny Love says about its philosophy:

“There are two central issues defining the making Johnny Love garments: ‘What should the clothes feel like?’ and ‘Why?’ The answer is pretty simple. Johnny Love wants clothes to be comfortable and relaxing, yet stylish. Looking and feeling great.

The way most people deal with this in a world of classic fashion vs. casual clothes is by donning the black blazer/stone-washed jeans combo. We want more. So we try to make garments that perfectly combine the two elements.

Our materials are always of extreme top quality, and the saint of roughness and edginess is looking over our shoulder as we design the fits. The result is an unbeatable marriage of elegant lines, unique details, and durability—equally suited for work, leisure, and royal audiences.”

Photo & slideshow Copyright Johnny Love.

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