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Johnny Love 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Johnny Love 2016 spring/summer collection continues the success of this Norwegian brand.

The brand draws particular inspiration from Mods, architecture, and retro-futurism,

Elegant lines, unique details, and durability are the mainstays of the line.

Johnny Love lays particular emphasis on the cut of each garment, ensuring masculine looks for a manly profile.

Details are also very important to Johnny Love: “The devil is in the details, and doubly so for Johnny Love.”
In applying the details, Johnny Love strives for balance.

Layering of fabrics, distinctive lines, and a unique fashioning of pockets, buttons, and folds all create the signature silhouette, which is a comfortable, close fit.

Finally, what sets Johnny Love apart is the company’s stance on ethics, producing garments with low cargo mileage and respect for workers.

Photo & slideshow 20161 s/s collection, Copyright Johnny Love.

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