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Kent Denim—Riding High in 2016

Today, I am happy to bring to you the latest in Kent Denim by designer Noah Landis, released exclusively to Men’s Fashion by Mark for first posting.

In the designer’s words, “spring/summer 2016 has been all about bike messengers for Kent Denim’s new look and feel,” which, by the way, was showcased before the big name brands. Way to go, Noah, you are riding with the big guys!

About the outfit, first, we have the Kent Denim cheetah cycling hat. Then, model Johann Zaroli is sporting a contrasting color block button-up shirt.

The biker look culminates in grey Japanese denim with Soma slim leg styling and accented with a Kent Denim vintage belt buckle.

Kent Denim Spring Summer 2016 from Kent Denim on Vimeo.

Photo 2016 s/s collection by photographer Daniel Laukat, Copyright Kent Denim.

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