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KURO Denim Spring/Summer 2016

Japanese label, KURO, has released its new collection for spring/summer 2016.


‘Graphite’ is the base model in KURO’s denim developments, and can be said to represent the standard for all products. Of the three models developed in the first stage, its line is the slimmest, with both a hip and a depth above clothes that is set at the ideal level to emphasize the length of the wearer’s legs. The materials used in KURO’s denim maintain the highest levels of quality. In particular, the fabrics produced by Nihon Menpu Textile Co., LTD and Yoshikawa Orimono Co., Ltd., used in this model’s selvedge (double-edged), can be described as high-quality materials, even when viewed by world standards.


Through its use of Kibata’s fabrics, ‘Fixer’ recreates the genuine charm that denim naturally has. As they are worn, these jeans take on a so-called ‘vintage’ look of the 1950s. The ‘Fixer,’ which uses a one-sided selvedge, blends well with any kind of style, and is a versatile model made to a slightly thin line.


Recreating the genuine charm that denim naturally has, through its use of Kibata’s fabrics, ‘Anarchism’ is notable for its regular depth above clothes and, featuring the most standard line of the three models that KURO has developed in its first season, it is a model made with a one-sided selvedge that is suitable for highly active wear. The pockets were stitched with a combination of both fine count (fine thread) and low count (wide thread) threads, known as a no. zero thread (the widest of threads among those used for denim), and were made with great attention given to design as well.

Fabrics Used in KURO’s Denim

Kibata: Woven fabric that is unprocessed. This was often used in denim of the past (until around the 1950s), and is notable for its unique fluffy feel and texture.
● The draper’s used by KURO is Chrome Hearts, who have an established reputation among other companies in the denim industry, and are also used by the likes of RRL (POLO RALPH LAUREN).

Sewing of KURO’s Denim

● Sewing is performed by Oikawa Denim, who possesses world-standard technology (and performs sewing for other leading denim brands such as LEVI’S red).
● We use a two-fold yarn made from single white and golden-brown yarns which gives our products great strength. Because we use cotton yarn, the color fades from the fabric after factory distressing and during use, which produces the feel and look of used clothing.

● The hand-made style stitches on the front, back and coin pockets are the most notable features, and plain seam stitching is also done in the same color. As this technology is only available in a limited number of factories, the manufacturing process is twice as long as standard.
● Thin yarns were used for parts where hand-stitching was performed, and because needlework was also very fine, puckering (fabric twists caused due to seam shrinkage by sewing, and pulling) may well appear when washed.

● Belt loops were also sewn in a unique way, with stitching intervals that created bumps to give off a vintage look. As key points such as yarn thickness and stitch width are modified, the stitching has a solid, three-dimensional look.

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