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Marc O’Polo Spring/Summer 2016 Collection “At Ease”

In the coming summer, Marc O’Polo has taken its inspiration from feelings of freedom, spontaneity and well being.

“At Ease” is the perfect expression of the brand’s casual philosophy, with a nod to the familiar Army command combining relaxation with alertness.

The collection focuses on exploring and discovering the world, on freedom and adventure, on fun and the pleasure of life.

The collection taps directly into this feeling of freedom and spontaneity.

The style for summer 2016 highlights details that are borrowed sports and workwear and uses them to set accents.

The collection presents a modern look with casual Nordic style. We’re looking forward to this summer. At Ease!

In 1967, Swedes Rolf Lind and Göte Huss and their American colleague Jerry O’Sheets had a brilliant idea:

“To use natural materials like cotton, wool, linen and silk, because only natural materials can give our clothes the look we want them to have! We use synthetics only when we have to.”

This idea has maintained Marc O’Polo’s success for over 40 years.

Photos s/s collection 2016, Copyright Marc O'Polo.

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