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Martyn Bal 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection

Martyn Bal began as a teen apprentice with Dirk Bikkembergs, going on to work for Versace, Burberry’s Prorsum, and Dior Homme. Meanwhile, he obtained an MA in Menswear Design at the Royal College of Art in London—all in the course of 10 years.

His brand philosophy is refreshing: “While most men embody the adage that ‘clothes make the man’, the Martyn Bal Man doesn’t need a costume to define him. The clothes he chooses hold up a mirror to his inner strength.

The core of this strength is versatility, born of a multifaceted nature in which apparent contradictions complement each other effortlessly. An audacious gentleman, he is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.
Like a Swan, the attributes of the Martyn Bal Man always have an edge; an effortless beauty that tolerates no preening, resilience created by the softest feathers, and a wild nature easily tamed by love.
From exquisite tailoring, perfectly constructed outerwear and an equally intuitive and studied approach to fashion, Martyn Bal exudes a profound sense of energy intimately connected to music, contemporary art and gender theories.
Martyn Bal aims to challenge fashion conventions with an architectural vision, around shapes, fit and proportion, while effortlessly juxtaposing strength and fragility, forcefulness and elegance, with hedonism and romanticism.”

Photo 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Martyn Bal.

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