Marika Barbie + [Stefan Dahlkvist]

Moods of Norway at Capsule, New York

Bright and early yesterday morning, I took the train into New York City to attend the Capsule Show—the fashion and lifestyle trade event that presents numerous menswear brands from around the world.

I was delighted to find nearly 200 brands, many of which have been featured here at Men’s Fashion by Mark.

The first stand that I approached was Moods of Norway, a label that was created in the picturesque town of Stryn, Noway (population of 6750), by designers Simen Stalnacke and Peder BØrresen, later joined by Stefan Dahlkvist.

The colors of the 2016 spring/summer collection were rich and bright, almost like an assortment of sorbet flavors of ice cream! The combination of colors on the shoes were scrumptious.

Moods of Norway skillfully takes the stereotypical symbols of everyday Norwegian life and interprets them in light of contemporary fashion.

Photo top Moods of Norway team: Paul Gately, Meaghan Flaherty, Stefan Dahlkvist, Steeve Bohbot.
Slideshow 2016 s/s collection Moods of Norway.


Moods of Norway at Capsule, New York {Stefan Dahlkvist}