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“Natural, Pure, Raw and Effortless….” Silent - Spring/Summer 2016

SILENT is the casual collection, created by the acclaimed Parisian avant-garde label Damir Doma. Renouncing decorative elements, the designs centre on pure, soft shapes and fluid volumes.

First presented in October 2009 during the women’s fashion week in Paris, SILENT offers a beautifully finished range of jersey’s, knits, and woven pieces as well as leather, and woven jackets, shoes, bags and accessories made from carefully selected materials.

As the antitheses to loud mass-market fashion of today, the SILENT designs avoid excessive elements whilst retaining as much of the fabric’s raw & organic form as possible. The result is beautiful and the loose fit let the wearer look effortlessly styled.

The Spring/Summer 2016 SILENT collection continues to expand with the addition of news styles, but also focuses on interpreting the loose and twisted shapes of previous collections and adapting these styles further in tune with the bodies shape. Soft jerseys, woven’s and lighter knits are finished with a new dusty dyeing effect while the refined colour selection includes Ivory, Olive Grey, Dark Grey, Black and Mustard Yellow.

Silent is the state we are in when we are freed of thoughts, of noise or of any other distraction.

It is in silence that we can clear our minds and focus on details that would otherwise be overseen.

Confronted with a world that becomes more noisy every day, we can close our eyes and hear the music behind the roaring sound of a city -the enduring play of silence and sound.
For it is when we are silent, that we can truly admire and embrace the essence of something.We are left in state of purity and peacefulness, open to embrace the surrounding. - Damir Doma
Photo launch event last week sponsored by Absolute, Beck and Haagen Dazs, Copyright Silent.

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