Marika Barbie + [Ute Ploier]

“Nightswimmer” by Ute Ploier in Spring/Summer 2016

I have just received a refreshing press release from Ute Ploier about “Nightswimmer”—the 2016 spring/summer collection:

The Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas swims every day no matter where his work takes him.

“I swim every day wherever I am. And I always swim in the public baths. I think it is a way of injecting yourself, as naked as you can be, into a particular society and learning to understand it.”

The initial inspiration for Nightswimmer was about an artist’s work clothes. His work can be very physical.

He has to be able to move around freely to create or might even use his body as part of his artwork. Similar to an athlete.

The collection’s clothes are cut oversized but brought closer to the body by folding, pleating or gathering.

The look is casual and light yet sharp and streamlined. Colours are inspired by a night’s swim in the pool.

Photos & text Copyright Ute Ploier.


“Nightswimmer” by Ute Ploier in Spring/Summer 2016 {Ute Ploier}