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Parabellum—Built for a Lifetime

One of the most creative and eye-captivating collections that I was able to review at the Capsule Show in New York City last week was Los Angeles-based accessories label Parabellum.

Originally, the term parabellum was coined by DWM—the GermanWeapons and Munition Works—which was founded in 1896.

The term comes from the Latin phrase, si vis pacem, para bellum, translating as ‘If you wish for peace, prepare for war’.

Parabellum belts, pouches, cases, portfolios, and wallets are all handcrafted, using the rare hides of North American bison, which are raised free-range on small reservation owned ranches.

Instead of metal furnishings, buckles and other highlights are made with military grade ceramic, which is rugged enough for anti-ballistic plating in vehicles.

Inspiration of each Parabellum accessory is deeply rooted in military history, such as the WWII grenade pouch, which can be attached to a belt (photo top).

Photos Copyright Parabellum.


Parabellum—Built for a Lifetime {WWII}