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Rembrandt—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Goldeneye”

“You only live twice. Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face.” — Ian Fleming

As an intelligence officer at the British Naval Intelligence Division during World War II, the covert work of Ian Fleming provided the background for his spy novels, which featured the now infamous secret agent James Bond.

But it is Fleming’s retirement in the late 1950’s to Goldeneye, his estate in Saint Mary Parish Jamaica that provided the inspiration for the Summer 2016/11 collection from Rembrandt.

“Every person plans to run off to some tropical isle, but few do,” says Rembrandt designer Jonathan Hall. “Fleming had no limitations to making Jamaica his home; he purchased property, designed a house and set about doing paradise right,” he says. “The estate was like Fleming himself and everything I wanted this collection to be: simple, direct, filled with panache, character and elegance.”

Make a sartorial statement by choosing a lighter shade of suit in wool and silk, pure cotton or wool and mohair, many sourced from the finest Italian fabric mills. Slim silhouettes abound, completing the move from high fashion to mainstream menswear.

Ian Fleming lived a remarkably uncompromising life in a world full of compromises; in this same manner even starting price Rembrandt business shirts feature two-ply yarns and the seasons suiting cloths are largely Super 120’s quality and above.

Choose from a selection of elegant, sophisticated and innovative tailored jackets that run the gambit from modern to classic casual styles and prove that there is no need to sacrifice style and fit because you are dressing down. “The collection offers the perfect excuse for a man to wear a suit for pleasure instead of business,” says Hall.

For the first time, Rembrandt offers the waistcoat as a separate; dress it up with a Metropolis shirt and Kubrick trousers, or keep it relaxed with a Saddle shirt and Hoxton jeans. Compliment it all with Rembrandt’s range of leather goods and their new range of belts.

Casual classic belts are turned into sophisticated urban accessories, and like Fleming’s love of authentic detail feature oil lined or feathered-edge leather, solid Italian brass buckles, are made in New Zealand and come in a range of styles that every man should own.

All of this adds up to summer must haves essential for lounging in paradise, romancing women and chasing the sunset.

New Zealand 2016-11 Spring/Summer Series:

(Remember, your winter may be Kiwi summer!)
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Photos 2016-11 s/s collection “Goldeneye” Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright Rembrandt.

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