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Rene Gurskov “Quiet Days in Clichy” for Spring/Summer 2016

Danish designer Rene Gurskov has just released his new 2016 spring/summer collection!

The title of the collection is “Quiet days in Clichy,” which is taken from American writer Henry Millers’ novel from 1956.

In the novel, Millers writes about the Bohemian life of an artist in place de la Clichy, Paris.

For the collection, therefore, Rene envisions an American writer and student going to Paris for the first time…

Rene takes from what he considers the best part of America; that is, “the freshness, the energy, the bright smile, and the lust for adventure,” about which Rene continues to write:

“The Americano mixed with old world decadence–Paris–place de la Clichy with its extreme mix of people and cultures.

X-rated clubs, Europe cheapest shops, loud women that are not always female, food from every hidden corner of the world, and the fabric stores...

An area where a sweet American can easily lose his focus!

In the collection, there is a mix of both worlds plus glimpses of most worlds.

A piece of stars and stripes remixed by Venezuelan art director Char Alfonzo in New York, mesh sweaters with an African stripe designed in Denmark.

Items are skirt like pants; linen jackets tied together, asymmetric tees, bowling shirts, boxer shorts and the biggest track pants. Enough pieces to dress up and be anything but quiet!”

Rene completes the look with paper glasses from Hong Kong designer Ron Wan.

See the collection.

Photo & slideshow 2016 s/s collection, Copyright Incircus.


Rene Gurskov “Quiet Days in Clichy” for Spring/Summer 2016 {Ron Wan}