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Retro-futurism and Fashion

Retro-futurism has reared its head in the fields of fashion, art, film, and architecture for years.

It plays on the tension between past and future by taking what is “retro” and portraying it in the light of futuristic technology.

Typically retro-futurism refers to the imagined future that was projected by novelists, film writers, and artists prior to the Sixties.

In terms of fashion, we all remember the futuristic clothing of “old” movies, such as the body-fit outfits in the US series Star Trek or the Japanese series Ultraman.

Lloyd John Dunn of Harlan, Iowa, is accredited with coining the term in 1983.

For several years now, retro-futurism has been influencing modern designers and labels, such as Johnny Love of Norway.

Photo by Stefan Prohaczka, Copyright Free Art License at Wikipedia.

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