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Silverdale—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand

Silverdale Knitwear was established in 1946 by the Antcliff family and is based in Levin–an hour north of Wellington on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Since its inception, Silverdale has been at the forefront of the knitwear market, blending its technical expertise with future trends and consumer demands whilst maintaining an ongoing commitment to quality materials, workmanship and service.

Whether sourcing raw materials from the Southern Alps of New Zealand or from the best yarn houses of Italy, Silverdale is passionate about creating beautiful and luxurious knitwear pieces that embody a proud history of quality and style.

Launching in Winter 2008, Silverdale by Andrea Moore fuses the quality of elite knitwear manufacturer Silverdale with the chic creations of fashion designer Andrea Moore.

The result is a collection of smart, slouchy chic and body-skimming pieces that hint at military and tuxedo influences in shades of crème brûlée, pumice and aubergine with shocks of vibrant scarlet.

New Zealand 2016-11 Spring/Summer Series:

(Remember, your winter may be Kiwi summer!)
Doosh—Spring/Summer 2016-11 in New Zealand: “Wild at Heart”
Elusiv—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Spirit”
Rembrandt—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Goldeneye”
Trix & Dandy —Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Dazed but Not Confused”
Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging”
21 Grams—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Sicker than your Average Bear”

Photos 2016-11 s/s collection “Sicker than your Average Bear”Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright Silverdale.

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