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“Stop & Frozen Chains” by Manuel Bozzi

Italian designer Manuel Bozzi has just released his new collection of unisex jewelry entitled “Stop & Frozen Chains.”
Pursuing his latest dream, Manuel Bozzi narrates a story of bonds, ropes, and ties interlaced with plots and speaking of games and “enchained” tensions.
In fact, the chains stop as if frozen in an visual illusion that unravels the flow of time, drawing our attention to the mobility of precious silver links, which have been stylistically welded into the chains of rigid bracelets.
The stylist writes, From an harmonic curve, a magic bond was born and made “indissoluble" by goldsmith art, which mixes tradition and innovation in an enclosing game between parody and technique...

Photos Copyright Manuel Bozzi.


“Stop & Frozen Chains” by Manuel Bozzi {Men's Fashion}