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This Is Not A Suit—‘Captains’ and locals ‘Natives’ by A. Sauvage

Several weeks ago, I posted article on British designer Adrien Sauvage, who launched a case study called “This is Not a Suit.”

Born in 1983, Adrien has obtained much experience in fashioning wardrobes for prominent gentlemen around the world.

Working first as a stylist, Adrien begin designing out of the realization that his client’s sartorial needs were going unsatisfied.

Adrien currently divides his time between London and Berlin and his interests between art and visual image, all the while devoting his time to the perfect cuts and fits in menswear.

In Adrien’s study “This is Not a Suit,” he continues to explore the internal and external influences on individualism.

He photographs assorted personalities wearing A. Sauvage suits, , such as ‘Captains’ and locals ‘Natives’ in their own environment.

Photos Courtesy Starworks Group, Copyright A. Sauvage.