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“Unconstrained Military” by Day: Autumn/Winter 2016

After a couple of seasons of economic doom and gloom, it’s time that we rediscovered drama and masculinity.

With one eye on the dashing hero’s of the past, Day Birger et Mikkelsen is looking forward to the future, with modern fabrics and shapes.

There’s a definite military feeling to tailoring, with army coats and jackets, giving the modern man the poise and elegance of an officer.

At the same time, soft, unstructured jackets give a more unconstrained feeling that allows a man to show his gentler side – a true hero knows when to stop fighting!

Khaki colors reflect life in the military world but are mixed with checks and tweeds to add texture and depth. Red forms the single dramatic highlight color, either as stitching on a cuff, melton under a collar or as a flash of tape on the neck of an officers coat.

Shirts are soft and washed in a multitude of murky checks or classic stripes. Small details reflect a life of repairs and alterations

Jersey is taken from army underwear in wide rib or heavy interlock. Knitwear is heavy and masculine or light and textured in the form of mohair. Old sweaters are cut up and reformed in a patchwork or mixed with scarves or waistcoats.

The end result is a grown up sophisticated collection of masculine pieces that can be combined to reflect the personality of the individual and allow them to maybe add just a hint of the hero to their wardrobe.

Text, photo & slideshow 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Day Birger et Mikkelsen.


“Unconstrained Military” by Day: Autumn/Winter 2016 {press release}