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Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging”

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” — Frank Sinatra

The Rat Pack, smoky Jazz Clubs in Vegas, cigars in one hand and dirty martinis in the other, classically cut suits that ooze swagger and confidence; the 1960s were about well-groomed bachelors who had a good time and dressed impeccably to do so.

Wayward Heir’s collection for summer 2016/2011, “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging” is influenced by the swinging sixties and takes the best aspects of slim line suiting of that era and adds a modern

The sophistication of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin is mirrored in the slender silhouettes, fitted jackets and laid-back casuals that remind us of just how cool those cats really were.

“It is how the greats used to dress -with class and sophistication and a bit of cheekiness thrown in,” says Wayward Heir designer Jaime Winks. “A collection that will make any man the epitome of style and swagger - like Frank, Dean and Sammy,” he says.

Narrower lapels, flatter fronts, slimmer sleeves and slightly tapered and more fitted trousers are all throwbacks to Vegas’ greatest era and the iconic bachelor lifestyle of the members of the group of men who have been emulated the world over ever since.

Lighter and softer fabrics show the evolution of the style; patterns and colours are varied and inventive while still keeping that classic look. Chintz charcoals, silvery greys and blacks are all staples in the colour scheme of the suiting, while shirts explore dusky pinks and blues and the addition of prints with a contemporary twist.

The “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging” collection from Wayward Heir captures the fun and excitement of the sixties, the iconic time of effortless cool, with pieces that can be worn to the office, the races or even to a smoky jazz bar at the Bellagio.

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Photos 2016-11 s/s collection “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging” Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright Wayward Heir, a line of Rembrandt.


Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging” {Wayward Heir}