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Whillas & Gunn at Capsule in New York

I mentioned yesterday in another article that, early Tuesday morn, I took the train to New York City and attended the Capsule Show.

The second label that I visited was Whillas & Gunn.

Whillas & Gunn is a family company from Australia that was founded in 1972 by Richard and Catherine Whillas.

Mother and father of 14 children, Richard and Catherine found time to develop an oilskin cloth that was sturdy enough to resist the harsh Australian bush.

Now in its third generation, Whillas & Dunn produces functional, durable garments for the country or the city.

As you can see, the Whillas & Gunn look is rugged yet elegant. Colors are earthy but fit for any urban lifestyle.

Photo top, Richard Whillas.
Photo left Copyright Whillas & Gunn.


Whillas & Gunn at Capsule in New York {Whillas and Gunn}