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Digging Deep with digdeep!

digdeep has launched and is taking the digital UK fashion world by storm!

It’s the moment Jonny Wilkinson kicked the winning goal of the 2003 Rugby World Cup...

It’s the moment Liverpool won that dramatic game in Istanbul in 2005...

It’s the moment Lewis Hamilton became the World Champion on the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008...’s the moment they had to decide just how far they were willing to go…

digdeep is a fresh new online menswear fashion brand inspired by dig deep moments in sport. digdeep believes in the power to overcome and achieve; and we translate this into our clothing. The product is the ultimate in quality, style and detailing because we believe in giving 100%.

digdeep is for every man who likes a challenge. The brand aspires to build strong characters. It’s the difference between success and failure, between nearly and completely, it’s that last agonising 10% when you have to dig deep to succeed.

The essence of the brand is partially communicated through inspirational sporting quotations on some of the T-shirt graphics. This edgy and vibrant streetwear brand gives a real true value to those who wear it.

This is not just another fashion label, but a real lifestyle brand that will become familiar, instantly recognisable as it becomes associated with many sport icons.

digdeep will support several international sportsmen, as well as helping young and up-and-coming athletes in their quest to achieve their goals.

digdeep is a British brand with a real authenticity in every aspect. All the products are designed by their own British designers in their own studios in the historical town of Richmond up on Thames, a town surrounded by rich sporting heritage.

Their unique website is the exclusive retail outlet for digdeep streetwear and a huge effort in its development has resulted in a superbly designed and user-friendly shopping experience, which is fun and engaging for all sporty fashionables.

The site contains specially-selected sports news, a dedicated area for each of our digdeep Icons, incorporating interviews, images and video, as well as other informative and interactive elements relating to the company and their favourite historical dig deep moments in sport
digdeep wants people to be inspired by their brand, to identify themselves with it, and to make a positive change to their lives by wearing digdeep.

digdeep is not a performance brand, it’s a way of life!

Photo & text Copyright digdeep.

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