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Mr. Hare “Miss Your Air” at Oki Ni

I just received the following press release from Oki Ni:

For autumn/winter 2016, the “(I) Miss Your Air” collection has been inspired by airs and graces, Paris and men in heels.

“Paris has an air, and it is graceful. The cigarette smoke stain that a smoking ban can’t erase. The shitty clubs. The chic fights. The never appearing taxis. The snooty girls. The language. The Attitude.

Leading up to this collection, I was also obsessed by the idea of a man in heels. Prince, Bowie, Bootsy. The court of Louis XV. Wearing 2.5 inches of heel will change any man’s perspective, quite literally.

Mr. Hare’s “Parisian Man Heels” are named after Bazin, Truffaut, and Godard amongst others—French critics, directors and men of distinction whose work, not footwear, changed perspective through cinema and beyond.

Mr. Hare

Mr. Hare, the brand, was conceived at a roadside tapas bar in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Andalucia, Spain on July 23rd 2008.

Mr Hare, the person, was conceived in the winter of 1969 in South London, by an English Woman and a Jamaican man. Mr. Hare, the baby, was born in July 1970.

Photo & slideshow Courtesy and Copyright Oki Ni.

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