Marika Barbie + WWF

On one inhabitant of a planet on the average it is necessary from 150 to 600 kgs of dust a year. The most part of household dust is made by plastic products which very long decay. But very few people recollects these facts, having a rest on the nature or on a beach.

Pollution by dust of world ocean has reached the unprecedented sizes that has led to formation in Pacific ocean two huge floating dustbins equal on the area to the United States. The dust containing in them reaches weight in 100 million tons. The basic part of dust is made by the various subjects made of plastic — from store packing and tooth-brushes to details from planes and space companions.

By secondary processing probably somehow to solve this environmental problem.
A series of prints Young and Rubicam Paris for organisation Eco-Systeme urges to hand over the old technics for processing, instead of to throw out.

Slogan: the Nature does not require your old hair dryer/player/drill.

Dust on a beach

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