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Michael Jackson — fashion icon

Moonwalk, Michael Jackson by WOW Barbie

Status Michael Jackson's as King of Pop is indisputable. Musical career has captured four decades and many unforgettable outfits influence a fashion now. Some from most iconic looks...

Jackson Five by WOW Barbie

His career has begun, when he was 10 years old, became known with his brothers in Jackson Five. 1970, Michael (on the right) in a shirt with a psychodelic print.

Michael Jackson, The glove by WOW Barbie

Jacko in the Thriller phase when Michael Jackson has seldom been noticed without one white glove covered by jewelry. A sparkling jacket and pilots.

Military jacket, King of Pop by WOW Barbie

On it a photo of 2002, the embroidered military jacket. The collection of spring/summer 2009 Balmain has shown a jacket of armed forces of Jackson, proving, that fashion King of Pop is popular today. Jacket Balmain is especially esteemed at celebrities, including Rihanna and Beyoncé...

Video Thriller by WOW Barbie

Picture from video the Thriller, huge shoulders, other tendency.

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Michael Jackson — fashion icon + Summer