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The first advertising of shop IKEA has appeared in the Swedish newspaper in 1945. Now IKEA co-operates with creative agencies from 43 countries. Also remains it is true the concept of the low prices for house creativity.

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In 1926 in the south of Sweden, in the city of Smoland, founder IKEA Ingvar Kamprad was born. The founder does not have higher education. He did not study in business, did not read the business literature...

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Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd

In 1943 17-year-old Kamprad addressed to the father has registered company IKEA which traded in pencils, wallets and other trifles. The name «IKEA» is deciphered as «Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd»: Elmtaryd — the farm name, Agunnaryd — the arrival name where has grown Ingvar Kamprad.

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The first advertising of shop IKEA has appeared in the local newspaper in 1945. In 1947 assortment IKEA there were first pieces of furniture. And in 1951 the first printing catalogue IKEA which is for today the legendary is published. Those years the catalogue was scattered on mail boxes of Sweden. Own manufacture, self-service system, flat packing, absence of delivery and manual assemblage became a basis of low prices IKEA. First shop IKEA outside of Sweden opens in Norway, in suburb Oslo in 1963. In 1999 their number exceeds 150 in 29 countries of the world on 4 continents.

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The basic idea of all advertising campaigns IKEA is the thought that the house is the most important place on the earth in a life of each person, the order and a cosiness in the house is a pledge of health, family and personal happiness, and the inexpensive furniture and subjects of interior IKEA give open space for house creativity.

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