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Glamour frogs-travellers
Johnny Loco, Holland lifestyle brand of bicycles and agency New Message (Amsterdam) have started an advertising campaign "Explore".

The brand urges people to use their bicycles to investigate the world, thus simultaneously looking fashionably and is modern.

Fashionable voyage

Beehive by WOW Barbie

Desert by WOW Barbie

Pillory by WOW Barbie

Lioness by WOW Barbie

Lightning by WOW Barbie

Cane by WOW Barbie

Photographing was carried out in Southern Africa, known advertising photographer Rene Kramers.

Agency: New Message Amsterdam
Creative directors: Lennart Wienecke, Hugo Rütter
Production: Rosanne Surie, Catherine Dijkstra
Photography: Rene Kramers
Retouching: Magic
Client: Johnny Loco International, Arnaud van der Vecht

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Glamour frogs-travellers + woman