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Newspaper Mercantil explains economy principles
Brazilian information-analytical edition Gazeta Mercantil differs original intellectual advertising campaigns.

Last year Gazeta Mercantil and agency JWT Sao Paulo have shown, that stands up for money: the most important world events of last century have represented against: dollar, euro, yens.

Economic circulation

This year they carry out the deep analysis of financial sector and show influence of financial crisis on economy. In a roller the financial world appears in an image of planets which symbolise the various factors influencing launches and falling of the market. Relations of planets among themselves remind real competition on rope pulling.

Campaign slogan: "It's not easy to understand the financial universe".
Reading Gazeta Mercantil will help to understand economic laws and to understand financial questions.

Economic laws by WOW Barbie

Financial questions by WOW Barbie

Economy and business

Financial sector by WOW Barbie

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