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Children's boots from sheepskin UGG
As we can offer your attention some models of children's footwear (UGG) for children.

Children's boots are made in traditional style UGG of a first-rate quality sheepskin. Easy, warm and convenient footwear for your child which can be carried as the house, and in the street, during walks.

UGG Australia Kids' Classic Short

(Children's half boots from a sheepskin)
Ugg boots by WOW Barbie* Traditional Australian half ugg boots from a sheepskin.
* Style: 11.5cm heights.
Are very convenient for children during walks in a cold season.
* The Material: Are sewed from a first-rate quality sheepskin.
Thanks to special heat-resistant qualities of the Australian sheepskin, your child it will be warm in the winter and not hot in the summer.
* The Sole: Facilitated strong synthetic EVA a sole. A leather support in a sock and a heel.
* Ugg boots sale: ~$500USD.

Cleaning & Care

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Children's boots from sheepskin UGG + UGG