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Stainless steel — for those who prefers reliability

Fireplace by WOW Barbie

Stainless steel — the alloyed steel proof against corrosion in atmosphere and excited environments.

Corrosion-proof candles by WOW BarbieIn 1913 Harry Brearley, experimenting various kinds and properties of alloys, has found out ability of a steel, with high percentage of chrome — to resist to acid corrosion.

Products from stainless steel deservedly use the big popularity.

Interiors and the facades decorated by stainless steel, have exclusively effective appearance. The variety of kinds of furnish of a surface allows to solve any problems of design and to achieve interesting visual effects.

Products from stainless steel — are beautiful, hygienic, durable. Ease of care of a surface allows to keep elegant appearance for long years.

Company «» is engaged in sale of products from stainless steel.
The company we carry out orders for working out and manufacture: blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories, non-standard accessories and other products from stainless steel.

«» we offer you wide assortment of products from stainless steel of own manufacture:
* Accessories for pool.
* Stainless steel fireplace accessories.
* Accessories for ventilation systems.
* Stainless steel mailboxes.
* Elements of registration of a facade and an interior.
* The Handrail, ladders, fencings.
* Elements of furnish of bathrooms and toilets.
* Fixing products, profiles, connecting elements.

Corrosion-proof sphere by WOW Barbie

Modern "know-how" of a stainless steel

The modern equipment for processing of a sheet steel allows to make products of stainless steel of high quality and practically any level of complexity.

Products from a stainless steel guarantee long service life and refined appearance. High quality of products from stainless steel is reached at the expense of use of the modern materials, new technologies and the hi-tech equipment.

Quality assurance of products from stainless steel is carried out at all production phases of the equipment for shops. The qualified experts will consult on all questions of installation blomus stainless steel mailboxes.

Mail box by WOW Barbie

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Stainless steel — for those who prefers reliability + stainless steel