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The Axe-effect changes destiny
Agency Ponce Buenos Aires earlier known as VegaOlmosPonce, was noted by a new creative for deodorants Axe.

Long cooperation

Independent by WOW BarbieLet's remind, that global creative service so much an impressive brand small independent — not the special case in the world advertising industry, however preview trailers for Axe become the third year in Argentina, and all are happy.

Including an audience to which spots of excellent quality with good level of humour and already habitual Argentina advertising inherent only by slightly muffled warm colour scale are regularly delivered.

This time agency Ponce and Prettybird have created a preview trailer for translation in the Eastern Europe. The spot «So Sorry Destiny» tells to young men that deodorants Axe without ceremony change that is prepared by destiny.

History about the girl and the guy

It is minute history about girl and the guy who are ideally combined with each other which are very similar manners, habits, even places to which they go. And about one more guy, which absolutely another. And the stupid person fair. But this guy uses Axe.

On global creative service agency VegaOlmosPonce has received the contract in the beginning of 2007. In the beginning of this year the owner of agency and creative director Hernan Ponce has got rid of first two words in the name, but cooperation with Unilever has kept.

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The Axe-effect changes destiny + trailer