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The creative command of the Chinese office of agency Saatchi & Saatchi has developed a series of prints for advertising of detergent powder Ariel.

Ariel urges to clean fish in a wedding dress

The problem of washing of white linen is actual for inhabitants of any point of the world. A slogan of conducted campaign — «Don’t be afraid». Not to be afraid of that advertisement makers call? Certainly, to be engaged not in the neat job in white clothes!

Naturally, nobody begins to repair the car or to cut meat in snow-white wedding dresses. However from prints and a slogan obviously what if necessary to make so risky actions, detergent powder Ariel — is always ready to wash off stains of any complexity.

Samples of a print advertising are executed according to canons of classical school of advertising: the realistic image, a slogan and a logo in the right bottom corner, the image of packing of the product. Photos draw attention, inspire trust and visualise feature of detergent powder Ariel.

Wedding dresses by WOW Barbie

Snow-white jacket by WOW Barbie

Work not the bride, change work easily!

Massage by WOW BarbieThe Romanian portal on search and the offer of work advances itself on national TV, drawing a parallel between work and home life.

Agency Leo Burnett & Target has embodied idea in a little absurd way, but all delights unsuccessful, hateful, but indissoluble marriage are read out very easily. And such details as the bearded spouse dressed up in a magnificent bridal gowns, give to an event on the screen a such comic context.

Tagline: «It is work, instead of marriage. If work is not pleasant to you, change it».

Wedding Entrance is a traditional part of ceremony of wedding in the USA when at first there arrives to an altar the groom with friends, through a time interval — bridesmaids with the bride. The most interesting — bridesmaid dresses is not worse, and at times even it is better, than a wedding dress of the bride.

In this preview trailer to the spectator it is shown the extremely unusual treatment of this ritual — in dance. Touching and vigorous dance proceeds 5 minutes and is accompanied by the text explanatory as if from the groom and the bride: «Our wedding input in dance in Eternity... Yes, in eternity».

It is difficult to explain such popularity of it video and such mad popularity (17 million for 2 weeks) something to another, besides, that dance of enamoured and their friends on a way to an altar really hooks on people and gives them weight of positive emotions.

However, there should be a question:
Whether real it is wedding? And if yes, that there was earlier, a desire to marry such here in the unforgettable image or idea to make social advertising against violence in a family? And what do you think of advertising which is made as much as possible approached to a reality?
By the way, in 10 days after start JK Weddinfg Entrance Dance Indigoprod has made to itself a spot on the basis of dance of the enamoured. Now "enamoured" get divorced. Again in dance, but dancing already it is much more professional.

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