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A Lockers For the Fitness Centres

Lockers for the fitness centres it is the furniture intended for everyday general using. They are made of wearproof, aesthetically attractive materials and are suitable for operation in premises with high humidity or in places where simultaneously as high demands are made to wear resistance, and to an aesthetic kind.

Lockers For Sport Clubs

Gym Lockers by WOW BarbieLockers are widely applied to locker rooms first of all in industrial premises and offices, public buildings, schools, sports halls, hospitals, pools, etc.

At equipment of sports club, pool and any other object of public using, we ask a question on what characteristics are priority at a material choice. The most important characteristics are: service life, moisture resistance, stability to UF-radiation.

Individual, locked cases for locker rooms are very convenient and practical, can be used both in sports establishments, and at schools, at factories, in aquaparks and the spa-centres. Our lockers for locker rooms — the optimum decision for any enterprise, to employees or which clients is required to change clothes in overalls or a sports suit.

Lockers by WOW BarbieGym Lockers — very convenient variant of storage of replaceable clothes of the personnel or visitors. They do not take a lot of place, using space with the maximum rationality. For this reason many companies give respect to them, instead of bulky clothes.

Ordinary lockers for locker rooms are compact, but have some branches. There are lockers for locker rooms in the form of multisection cases, it allows to save the premise area. Lockers for locker rooms with inclined roofs allow to forget nothing from above cases. After all it is frequent, hurrying up home, the person forgets the things on a case cover.

Lockers For Fitness Rooms

Sport Lockers by WOW BarbieExcept a difference in design, lockers for locker rooms differ on a complete set. These are every possible hooks for clothes, shelves for headdresses and for footwear. Lockers for locker rooms with benches and without, with simple doors and with code combinations.

Wooden lockers for locker rooms differ wear resistance. Such lockers will serve very long time. Wood Lockers for locker rooms are especially actual for children's institutions. For anybody not a secret, that at children huge potential of energy which they with pleasure put to all successively.

Lockers for locker rooms with benches are very convenient for older persons or in the event that it is necessary to replace footwear.

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A Lockers For the Fitness Centres + sport