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New advertising Absolut Vodka
Actresses Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel show the beauty in a new advertising campaign for vodka Absolut.

The sexual Absolute

Campaign removed Ellen Von Unwerth, and it consists of concepts of four new drinks — Absolut Bloodt, Absolut Cosmo, Absolut Tonic Twist and Absolut Crush which have been presented one of these days on a special party in New York.

Lady in red by WOW Barbie

Sexual woman by WOW Barbie

Sexy blonde by WOW Barbie

Sexy girl by WOW Barbie

The red Absolute

On one of pictures Kate it is almost unrecognizable in a short fair-haired twisted wig in an environment of green whirlpools (last month Kate Beckinsale it has been recognised by magazine "Esquire" the most sexual woman of year). Zooey also it is unrecognizable in an image of the blonde from a psychodelic era 1960.

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New advertising Absolut Vodka + vodka