Marika Barbie [2009-08-02

  • Mercedes Benz E-Class urges to feel at home

  • Legendary American cigarettes

  • Car Mini celebrates the fiftieth anniversary

  • Universal gift by any holiday

  • Lovers Cadbury will measure men by chocolates

  • Saatchi LA has developed advertising Toyota Prius which charges mobile phones

  • Medical workers propagandise tobacco products

  • Publicis London has revived sexual advertising traditions of chocolate Flake

  • From History of the Mailboxes

  • UNICEF has placed in New York automatic machines on sale of dirty water

  • The Martens' Boots

  • Creative by IKEA

  • Cookies in sheaves. Associations of the French advertisement makers

  • The East Spices

  • Rabbits-suicides cannot go through perfection of chocolate Gelazzi

  • IKEA: Decorate for the holidays

  • Ceiling fans — natural cooling of habitation

  • Intellectual system of safety and life-support

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