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Charming madam by WOW Barbie

Fairy Tales For Adult Girls

Delightful prints of the Brazilian mark of footwear Melissa. "Fairy tales for the night" for adult girls were represented on prints of the Brazilian mark of footwear Melissa by creators of agency BorghiErh/Lowe.

Advertisement makers inform idea that magic fairy tales with which heroines are helped by kind wizards and fairies is for little girls. As to the big girls it is time to them to know, that the Cinderella did not require at all assistance. After all they had more effective means for achievement of objects in view.

Footwear For Beauty Women

Magic carriage by WOW Barbie
Sexual equestrian by WOW Barbie
Sexual slavery by WOW Barbie

The purpose of posters — to give to an image of brand Melissa the status of footwear for young and sexual women.

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