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Tarina Tarantino's Jet Set Playlist
We were so intrigued when Tarina Tarantino told us she had a "Jet Set Playlist" (Love the name!), we had to find out what's on the mix. Looks like we have a lot of new tunes to download!

Come On Lets Go--Broadcast
Green Light--Cicada
Jet Society--Cordera Orchestra
Miracle (Bogdan Irkuk Remix)--Sally Shapiro
Pollution of the mind--Miss Kitten
Universal Traveler--Air
Silently--Blonde Redhead
The Operation--Charlotte Gainsbourg
Zap Zap--Cut Copy
Veridis Quo--Daft Punk
Walking Away--The Egg
AF607105--Charlotte Gainsbourg
The Sicilian Clan--Ennio Morricone
Peppermint Dream--J.D King
Le Mepris "Camille"-- Georges Delerue
Sleep--The Dandy Warhols
After all this Time- -John Foxx & Harold Budd

and more:

Tarina Tarantino's Jet Set Playlist + music