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Extremely Useful Salt

Dead Sea by WOW Barbie

The live nature gives us set of the gifts which are really invaluable. There is nothing better, than natural materials and mineral elements. One of the major substances in our life it's salt. But Dead Sea Salt is especially useful, because in this salt is full of minerals, microcells and other health elements.

Water of Life

Big rock salt by WOW BarbieSalt of the Dead Sea — most valuable of all sea salts, its structure possesses strong therapeutic action. The main chemical compound are chloride of magnesium (sodium chloride of only 15-20%). One more feature of salt, the high mass fraction of sulfates and sulfides (these substances give specific "sulfuric" aroma) is, they have strong therapeutic an effect. Also salt contains bromides, fluorides, ammonium salts, and a considerable quantity of microcells: iron, calcium, manganese, fluorine.

It's salt by WOW BarbieDead Sea Salt effectively cures allergic diseases of a skin. Also, Well influences joints and inter-articulate cartilages (sea salt widely apply at rheumatism and arthritises), strengthens blood circulation and strengthens exchange processes, renders soothing effect on nervous system and strengthens immunity.

Salt of the dead sea is widely applied at treatment of intimate diseases (at a cystitis, prostatitises, an impotence), at preventive maintenance of diseases of a digestive path (gastritises, stomach ulcers), at infringements in a liver, a bilious bubble, an intestines.

Dead Sea Salt is a Universal Product

Luxury resort by WOW BarbieThis extremely useful mix apply in form: salt baths, lotions, compresses, rubdowns, inhalations. Any of these procedures becomes good preventive maintenance.

Bath Salts are insistently recommended to people with skin diseases. The salt bath removes weariness, a nervous tension, a muscular and articulate pain, improves a metabolism, clears a skin, removes a skin itch and puffiness.

How to make homemade bath salts

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