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Set of Hairdressing's Advertising
Canadian adv agency «Y&R Toronto» has presented an advertising campaign of children's hairdressing salon «Cuttie Cut».

Breaking telephone number, the potential client hypothetically "cuts hair".

For Children's Hairdressing Salon

Hairdressing salon by WOW Barbie

On posters of beauty salon Soby brutally hackneyed people show amazingly laid hair.

"EVERYBODY LOVES YOUR HAIR" — inform prints of hair dressing salon «Soby Salon». Really, hair-dresses are so beautiful what to spoil them not in forces an aggressor.

Inviolable Hairdress

Beautiful hairdress by WOW Barbie

«Bleublancrouge» have created a series of prints for salon of hairdresser's services «Orbite».

Some people are assured, that their physiognomy is located exclusively in front. But they at all does not suspect, that the person has two physiognomies — in front and behind.

Unusual Hairdress

Exclusively hairdress by WOW Barbie

Romanian adv branch «Saatchi & Saatchi» has created a series of prints for beauty salon «Blues Line».

The good hair-dress and well-groomed hair not simply add a certain charm to our appearance. Very often happens so, that they completely create a visual image, being a basic element of our style.

Stylish Hairdress

Good hairdress by WOW Barbie

Hairdressing salon «Orea MaliĆ » and adv agency «Tiky Advertising» (Milan) has created the transformer-hairdresser.

The robotized transformer are made of scissors and other attributes of the hairdresser.

The Transformer-Hairdresser

Transformers-hairdressers by WOW Barbie

Beauty & Blunt Hair

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Set of Hairdressing's Advertising + style