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Modern Technique of Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a most simple and reliable way of disposal of undesirable hair. The principle of action of a method of laser hair removal consists in selective destruction by a laser beam of a hair follicle from which hair grows.

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Laser removal of hair by WOW BarbieLaser hair removal — the most effective technique of removal of undesirable hair. The technology of laser hair removal is based on thermal effect which arises at absorption of light radiation of the laser by melanin which contains in hair.

At absorption there is practically instant heating of all hair which are leading to death of hair follicles and as consequence — to the termination of growth of hair. By means of the special energy of a laser impulse steal up so that follicles had time to collapse, not damaging surrounding sites of a skin.

The professional laser technique is a new tendency of laser hair removal, which allows to remove reliably hair and to guarantee absence of harmful consequences for your health!

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At a method of laser hair removal of hair is used exclusively light stream, therefore the given procedure does not cause irritation of a skin which other methods of removal of hair can cause. All lighted area of a skin is thus processed and there is no necessity to aim to each separate hair. Thereby it allows to remove quickly hair, observing accuracy of a processed surface.

Removal of hair does not demand special care of a skin neither before procedure, nor after procedure. Thus, at once after procedure it's possible to go without any doubts to sunbathe on a beach or to ski.

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Modern Technique of Hair Removal + VISS IPL