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Levi’s «After Dark»: two heroes, twenty five adventures

Two heroes by WOW Barbie

Levi's starts new interactive digital-campaign «We Rule the Night», devoted to a youth collection of jeans clothes «After Dark» (it's evening clothes for fashionable parties). Target audience — inhabitants of China and Hong Kong at the age of 18-24 years. Marketing materials have been developed by the Hong Kong agency TBWA + own division «Tequila».

The Jeans Gods

Jeans king by WOW Barbie
Levi's jeans by WOW Barbie
Jeans queen by WOW Barbie

Also, within the limits of the given advertising campaign are created interactive video spots with participation of two young men — the real king and the real queen of the night.

Feature of these videos: during viewing of this video you can choose the further course of events. Thus, the spectator not simply observes of events from outside, but actively participates in their development and itself outlines the scheme of the future scenario. In total there are 5 variants of a plot depending on where will actions protagonists night (beach, restaurant, night club etc). Thus, for each place 5 scenario versions. Thus, the spectator can make 25 versions of night adventures of the same heroes dressed up into exclusive Jeans by Levi's.

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Levi’s «After Dark»: two heroes, twenty five adventures + Tequila