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Mad Superheroes Advertise Diesel Underwear

SuperHeroes by WOW Barbie

Diesel advances the new collection of underwear by means of extraordinary people with superpossibilities — but, as well as always, not without ironic implied sense. Continuing a line of an advertising campaign starting in last year «Be Stupid», the brand has presented a spring-summer collection of clothes under «espionage sauce», and now suggests to look at man's swimming trunks and ladies' shorts through a prism of comics superheroes.

The main characters of a new adv campaign — Fresh & Bright Superheroes:

SuperBody by WOW Barbie
G-strings by WOW Barbie
SuperBalls by WOW Barbie
SuperLady by WOW Barbie
SuperMiss by WOW Barbie
SuperGirl by WOW Barbie

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Mad Superheroes Advertise Diesel Underwear + underwear