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Motorola's Droid Phone

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It's really kind of ironic that what I want for my birthday in April is a new phone. I say this because my family gets p'd off because they can never reach me. I either forget to take my phone, or if it's with me it's not turned on. I have taken so much grief over the past couple of years over this.

Now they're saying, "Well, if we get her a phone she wants, maybe she'll turn it on!" I was really hoping that Apple would get the service stuff with Verizon worked out so I could get an iPhone. We're a Mac family and I think Apple products are great. But it looks like it'll be 2011 before this takes place.

So I'm looking at the Motorola Droid phone

I'm due for a new phone through my Verizon service plan. Instead of the phone costing $599, it will cost $199... and they're running a BOGO. Of course, Verizon makes their money on the extra costs per month for using this type of phone, but still...

Does anybody have any insights they'd like to share... I told my son last night that what I wanted the phone to have is a calendar and an address book. He started cracking up and said, "Mom, they all have that!"

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Motorola's Droid Phone + phone