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"Daybreakers is no pain in the neck..."


Vampires are, like, so hot right now given the popularity of The Twilight Saga and television shows True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. But if you are concerned vampires have lost their bite, never fear, Daybreakers is here. Set in the not-too-distant-future, 2019, a plague has transformed most humans into vampires and the dominant species is facing a dwindling blood supply because, well, they ate everyone. Enter Edward Dalton (yes, another vampire called Edward*) played by Ethan Hawke, who may have found a solution to the `vampire plague' after conducting research with a covert band of humans.

Written and directed by wunderkinds Michael and Peter Spierig, known as the Spierig Brothers, there is no doubt they are Australia's next big Hollywood export. The plot combines elements of the zombie and vampire genres, while being a timely allegory on the precious natural resources. Comparisons to The Matrix and 28 days Later are not unfounded, with Daybreakers exceeding the usual cliche constraints of a horror film.

The Spierig Brothers have clearly been influenced by the greats, like George A. Romero, as there are some very Dawn of the Dead-esque moments toward the end. The cinematography is sharp, action scenes superbly choreographed and there is such a loving attention to detail fanboys around the world will be getting wet over the Spierig Bros.

A tense ride for the most part, comic relief comes in the form of Willem Dafoe's character Lionel `Elvis' Cormac who is a like a cross between a bounty hunter, Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland and Billy Ray Cyrus. In particular there's one scene when Dalton asks Elvis if he's safe in the human lair and he replies "bout as safe as going bareback with a $5 whore." Gold.

The humour is threaded thickly throughout the film and the Spierig's have their tongue so firmly in cheek, you think it may burst out the other side like a gloriously gorey moment in the film. One of the most enjoyable horror outings in recent years, Daybreakers is no pain in the neck.

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"Daybreakers is no pain in the neck..." + Willem Dafoe