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DJ Mitsu The Beats For The Seiko Astron - Watch DJ

Watch as the Seiko Astron turns into a turntable with the help of DJ Mitsu for Seiko Japan. Behind this Seiko Astron web movie, there is Seiko’s spirit “Always one step ahead of the rest” on the theme “technologies exciting the world”.

Seiko Astorn established GPS solar watch, adjusting the timezone by receiving location and time information from GPS satellites, for the first time in the world. He is DJ MITSU THE BEATS, Japan boasts about to the world, who shows the wonderful performance by skillfully handling Seiko Astron like turntables
He controls “time line” with freedom by operating the music and the movie real-time linked to his delicate and dynamic dj play.

After second hand of Seiko Astron points at the number of captured GPS satellites and adjusts the timezone, the hands start to move, then the music starts. In the end of the play, the smart sensor of Seiko Astron is operated by sunlight shining into the watch, and the hands automatically go back to normal time.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Japan

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DJ Mitsu The Beats For The Seiko Astron - Watch DJ + music